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About KHBT

Our core value is the power of God. While doctrine is very important and needed for effective ministry, it's not what qualifies us for the actual ministry. Only God's calling and anointing will  empower us and give us the ability for the responsibility. ​


The disciples were taught to proclaim the Kingdom of God with the demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power. Good oratory skills are not a sufficient substitute for God’s power for effectively sharing the Kingdom of God. The heart of God is that His power manifests to minister to the oppressed, heal the sick, set captives free, and ultimately "reveal a kingdom not of this world.” We value the demonstration of the Holy Spirit with His effective ministry tools and gifts for living a victorious life and fulfilling our calling.



We believe that pastoral training is best done in a local church setting. We have combined the practical study of God's word, key hands-on ministry experience and other courses with a mentorship/internship under a local pastor. Colleges may offer classes, but local church ministry offers the vital opportunity to grow in the demonstration of the Spirit and be better prepare for full time ministry.


God's kingdom is not in word but in power. KHBTC offers theological with hands on ministry training. You will gain a sensitivity and leading of the Holy Spirit that will shape your transformational ministry and prepare you to take the gospel to your sphere of influence.


At Kingdom Harvest, we believe it is a biblical command to offer the Word of God with no financial burden. All of our training is made available to you 100% stress free to help you in your ministry through our Aid program. Freely we have received, freely we give. 


We know your days are busy. That's why our ministry is designed to be flexable with your schedule. This training is offered locally with no residency requirements which offers more freedom for many pastors. Contact us for more information.

This comprehensive Bible Training is designed to be used within the local churches. We're removing the requirement of institutional training and the burdensome fees associated with it, getting back to true biblical principles by raising up leaders from within the local church.

No outside training needed!

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