Bibles for a village

Project Completed near Oroquieta: 

Through connections with a local pastor and a sponsor in South Korea, we were able to give 22 new bibles in the Cebuano language to the people of a local village, located near Oroquieta. Glory to God! 

We will start a new project soon!


Give Bibles for a Village

For just $10 Canadian, we can provide a Bible for a believer in their local dialect. Many areas of the Philippines are remote and believers do not have easy access to bibles. We source our bibles locally in our attempt to get the lowest cost and stimulate the local economy, so we ask for financial donations in order to provide bibles. We are always looking for lower cost Bibles so check back for any updates.


If this is something you would like to be part of in a future project, please contact us.

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