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Kingdom Harvest Leadership Training

Complete Leadership Training for your church

Kingdom Harvest Leadership Training will help pastors grow their church through the power of God and reproduce authentic church leaders with the intention of church planting and expanding the kingdom of God.

KHLT includes 90 classes/units: (not including Pastoral Mentorship and hands on ministry)

1. Discipleship Teaching

– Biblical Foundations 

– Spiritual Growth

2. Church Leadership

– Leader Development

– Hands on Ministry

3. Pastoral Mentorship

– Pastoral Anointing

– Pastoral Support

KHLT is intended to be used by pastors for their church. KHI offers a ministry approach that gives you all the tools needed to train, equip, and release into ministry all within your church. We're removing the need for Bible College, getting back to true biblical principles and raising up leaders from within the local church. No outside institutional training needed!



The first step is for us to go through a Leaders Track with you or/and anyone else who would teach it. For the Leaders Track there are 27 classes/units in total and will go through the more crucial lessons.


For the Leaders Track, we recommend 2 lessons a week for 14 weeks (3 months). This allows time for your leaders to learn and understand the material covered and deal with any questions that arise. We offer to stay with your church for 2 weeks extra to make sure you are okay, that you can teach it, and help with any questions or concerns that might come during the first couple weeks as you begin teaching the lessons to your members.


We do understand that each church has individual needs and schedules. If you would like to make changes to the time frame, whether shorter or longer, just let us know and we can discuss it and how we can best work together.


You do! All training will belong completely with the local church so you can rename it, advertise as you like and use with complete freedom. 


KHLT is ideal for currently practicing pastors, future pastors, and encourages collaboration with other fellow ministry leaders across South East Asia, and beyond.


Step 1. As your church members grow in their faith, they will begin to share their faith and begin to make other disciples.


Step 2. True leaders reproduce leaders. The best way to grow a church is through equipping with leadership gifts.


Step 3. Lead your church with a deeper understanding of the pastoral anointing, ministering the Word, and the gifts of the Spirit.


God's kingdom is not in word but in power. KHLT offers theological and hands on ministry training. You will gain a sensitivity and leading of the Holy Spirit that will shape your transformational ministry and prepare you to take the gospel to the world.


At KHLT, We believe it is a biblical command to offer the Word of God at no cost. All of our training is made available to you at no charge to help you through your journey, and in turn, free to your church members. Freely we have received, freely we give.


We know your days are busy. That's why our ministry is designed to fit around your ministry schedule. Training is offered at your church or locally with short residency requirements that foster community among classmates. contact us for more info.

Or give us a call: 010.8955.0227

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We are looking for ministries with the same passion to reach the unreached, plant new churches, and equip new leaders for the Kingdom Harvest.
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