A New House

A house built in Cagayan de Oro 

Our first house project was to give a new house for a family of five. Though it doesn't meet all the standards of a regular house, it is still a major upgrade to what they previously had. Because of the location of their house near a river, they experienced flooding frequently. Just moving into a new house about 100 feet further inland would solve this problem but they did not have the resources to do this. The old house was a very small one room structure. This new home helped the family with a safer and larger living situation (approx. 4-times larger). 

We will start a new project soon!


Build a House

Many families in local villages struggle with constant flooding and poor living conditions. Our aim with this project is to help a family improve their health and living conditions. In the Old Testament, we see many times where God was concerned with the living conditions of His people (see Leviticus 13,14 and 25) and that has not changed today. Although the cost of a house will depend on the location, the average price of a small house for a family in the mountains is around $600 Canadian dollars (This is just a rough estimate). We hire local contractors, within the church when possible, to build these houses.


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