Bible Training Courses

Kingdom Harvest Bible Training has three levels of training courses that will work for any believer, at any stage in their Christian walk. We have designed the courses to help everyone from beginners all the way through to believers wanting to begin full time ministry and pastors, as well as pastors currently serving in churches full time.


These levels are:

1. Discipleship Teaching

2. Leadership Ministry

3. Pastoral Mentorship

Discipleship Teaching


1. Biblical Foundations 

2. Kingdom Identity

3. Life of Jesus

4. Biblical Relationship

5. Spiritual Growth

The Discipleship Teaching is a set of 5 courses that cover the basics of Christian living. Believers learn the foundations of the Christian life in Biblical Foundations. Then the courses deal with who we are in God's Kingdom and what our purpose is, Kingdom Identity. Then we begin to dig deeper into God's word to better understand prayer, how to study God's word, and other ways to deepen our walk with God in Spiritual Growth.

Leadership Ministry


1. Church Leadership

2. Authority in Christ

3. Filled with the Holy Spirit

4. Kingdom Harvest

5. Hands on Ministry

The Leadership Ministry is a set of 5 courses designed for those church members who have completed the Discipleship training and want to go deeper in their walk with God and begin ministry training for work within the church and possibly in full time ministry later on. These courses deal with understanding the structure of the church, the doctrines of the church as outlined in the New Testament, spiritual warfare, and even understanding the End Times. These courses also encourage and facilitate hands on ministry within the church to use and develop each leader’s spiritual gifts.

Pastoral Mentorship


1. Introductions to the Old and New Testaments

2. Preaching (homiletics)

3. Using Biblical Greek and Hebrew

4. Biblical Interpretation (Exegesis)

5. The pastoral gift, anointing and office (Pastoral Theology)

The Pastoral Mentorship is a set of 5 courses that are for those who want to begin full time in ministry. We have developed Bible College level courses that will help prepare a believer for full time ministry. Courses include Introductions to the Old and New Testaments, Preaching (homiletics), using Biblical Greek and Hebrew, Biblical interpretation, and the pastoral gifting, anointing and office (Pastoral Theology).