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Kingdom Harvest Training Center

Raising Leaders for today and tomorrow

Sponsors are currently working with Kingdom Harvest International to develop a new, multi phased Christian training center in Mindanao, Philippines.


This Training Center will enable us to help equip pastors to have full bible training in their respected churches. In turn, reaching out into the surrounding villages with new church plants. We also recognize the great need for economic and educational development.

Due to funding constraints, the solution will be a combination of a permanent core facility comprising administration, sanctuary, eating area and gathering space, with an initial plan that will phase into permanent wings for education and a trades center as capital is raised over the next 2-5 years. The completion of the first phase will allow the Training Center to immediately offer Leadership Training for up to 10 pastors to take back to their churches. The other phases, coming in the following years, will address the economic needs of the people through much needed children's education and trade development. 


Phase 1.A

Residence Floor Building

In this building there will be a basic one floor residence for the missionaries on site. 

Lot size needed for 4 phases: 150' x 120' (45.72m. x 36.57m.) 18,000 square feet (1,672 square meters). 

Lot cost:


Floor 1 Building cost:


Vision Date: 2019

Phase 1.B

Training Floor Building

An additional second floor will be added to this building for church leadership training/worship room, eating area, lounge, kitchen, washrooms, and office.

Floor 2 Building cost:


Vision Date: 2020

Phase 2

Guest Rooms

This building will accommodate up to 10 pastors with a family of up to 5.

Building cost:


Vision Date: 2021

Phase 3

Education Building

This building will be for Christian children's education from grade one to grade twelve. 

Building cost:


Vision Date: 2022

Phase 4 

Trade Center

This building will be for those who would like to learn a new trade or skill.

Building cost:


Vision Date: 2023


The proposed 18,000 sq.ft. multi phased facility is expected to house 10 participants.

Total projected cost:


Vision Date: 2023


If you feel you would like to donate to a particular phase or ministry, or any amount at all, please click the link below. We really appreciate every gift amount that we receive.



87% of Goal


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