The Myanmar Rohingya Conflict

A local pastor in Myanmar, Khumi James, is in contact with some of the Christians that have been caught up in recent fighting and had to flee the area for safety.  


The army has been conducting massive security crackdowns in areas where the Radical Islamist Rohingyas have been carrying out attacks since 25th August 2017, which incidentally is the time around which activism in support of illegal Rohingya immigrants peaked in India

It has been reported that Rohingya militants raided a village in Northern Rakhine, where they brutally attacked villages and dragged some residents into the forest. The conflict in Myanmar has said to have been aggravated after The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) ravaged many police posts. The Myanmar Army has been fighting the ARSA, which has links with many radical Islamist organizations, since October last year.


Photos of Christians fleeing the conflict

The Rohingya militants appear to be adopting offensive tactics used by Maoists in India or Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Muslim insurgents in India's Kashmir, when they mobilize a large number of their supporters in the villages to conceal their guerrilla formations and then join the attack. 

This appears to be the biggest and most coordinated Rohingya rebel attacks since security forces started special operations in the Mayu Mountains of northern Rakhine. The 33rd Light Infantry Division is involved in the massive operation designed to encircle the Rohingya rebel bases, block their escape routes to Bangladesh and decimate them. Ethnic and religious conflicts between the minority Muslim Rohingya and the majority Buddhist population have been simmering for a long time.


Christians are also in a great deal of suffering from the latest conflict. Most of the Christians in the area escaped and fled into the forest with little food or shelter, forced to sleep in the forest without even such as a mat. Due to the possibility of more attacks from the Rohingya rebels they must continue to remain in hiding.


Please pray for the Christians and for all those persecuting them that they may find salvation in Christ.

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