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Access to ministry care

It is a sad reality that many pastors are desperate for support and encouragement from peers outside of their own immediate church context who understand the demands and pressures of ministry. It is therefore our desire to link up members of the Shepherds Network with pastors in their locality, to encourage a ‘band of brothers’ culture.


Pastors Gatherings

The Shepherds Network organizes tri-annual regional day 'Pastors Prayer & Fellowship Gatherings'. These gatherings are designed to provide spiritual refreshment and build supportive pastoral networks. 

Find out about upcoming Pastors Gatherings.

The Shepherds Network serves pastors of free churches across Mindanao.  So if you’re not part of the Shepherds Network but would value this partnership then get in touch with us.

Join KHI’s vision to reach the unreached with the gospel throughout South East Asia.


Pastoral Support

Shepherds Network

Our Shepherds Network exists to provide support and encouragement to serving pastors of local churches within Mindanao. Its aim is to help to uphold biblical standards, and to help kindle a pastor’s spiritual development towards flowing in the pastoral anointing for powerful and effective gospel ministry in their community.

The Shepherds Network is based on the following convictions drawn from the New Testament:

  • Desiring to be a pastor is good and all who have this desire will receive the help they need through KHI.

  • Churches should be led by men who submit to the authority of God’s word, love the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly and desire the power of God in the church.

  • Understanding the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the pastoral anointing are key to effectively leading and equipping his church.

  • The health of the church is not always a reflection of growth but is determined to a large degree by the spiritual health and maturity of its pastor.

Our Shepherds Network exists to develop effective pastors in gospel ministry for the long-term. We seek to uphold biblical standards and impart spiritual health by providing:

Accreditation for ministry

Being formally recognized by an established, reputable body of churches lends credibility to pastors in our increasingly suspicious world. We support churches who are independent from organizations. At the same time we encourage unity and recognition among all the churches that agree with the essentials of salvation. KHI offers the local church to have their unique church identity that allows them the freedom to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Authority in ministry

An important part of pastoral ministry is to experience victory and to have spiritual success in their personal life, because this will transcend into the ministry. We aim to provide the support and any mentorship needed or desired to see that pastors understand and experience the moving of the Holy Spirit within their churches. In the flesh, we are weak, but in the Spirit nothing will by any means hurt us. And so we will learn to walk in the Spirit in every area of our lives, thus experiencing victory over all sin and any failure.  

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