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About The Shepherds Refuge

The Shepherds Refuge is for pastors to:
- experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their ministry.

- get away and experience times of refreshing by the Holy Spirit.
- grow in the word of God.

- raise new leaders for church ministry

- plant a new church in an unreached area.

We help assist pastors through 4 key areas called CARE for Pastors.

  CARE for Pastors

   C - Coach

      Mentorship for pastors through the Equipping Pastors Summit

   A - Anointing

      Understanding how to walk in the pastoral anointing.

   R - Renewal

      To help bring restoration, revival, and renewal to their ministry and church.

   E - Equipping

     Equipping and impartation as the Holy Spirit leads. 

Theological Training:

We offer comprehensive Bible college training and pass on all the materials through our Equipping Pastors Summit. The local pastor then reuses this material to mentor, train, and equip his own church members who have a calling and desire to begin pastoral ministry. The local pastor will help the students develop their spiritual giftings, understand the practical element of church ministry, and more. With this model of training from within the local churches, every student is free from any and all financial burdens that is usually associated with going to a Bible college.

Relational Ministry:

We come along side each pastor to ensure that they are excelling in their calling and giftings. Pastoral ministry is one of the most difficult and challenging positions. Without walking in the anointing and using the gifts that God has given us, many would simply give up. And that is exactly what is happening. Many pastors are experiencing mental and physical health breakdowns at a high rate. Depressed. Confused. Exhausted. Scared. Alone. A pastor often lives his life in public isolation, caring for and befriending many, with no one to care for or befriend him. Scripture makes it clear that leading God’s people is tough and isn't to be done alone. And yet we feel alone. 


We have seen many pastors in a small church simply doing too much. They have too many things on their plate to oversee the church properly. Overseeing and management are key skills that need to be developed and trained. Spiritual gifts and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit are important to seeing the church grow and be encouraged.

Many times, churches aren't able to go beyond the small church environment because the tasks are weighing them down from being able to do what they have been called to do..... to oversee and shepherd the flock. We offer to not only help meet these needs but to go beyond and help the pastor become all he can and be the pastor that he is called to be. We look to help in all areas that he is serving in and fully support him in everything that needs to be done. We want to come alongside and help pastors to be equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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