Start Up and Relocation Cost


We are relocating and setting up a new ministry in the Philippines. With this move it will cost us about $7,000. The plane tickets for the 4 of us are $350 each from Busan to Cagayan de Oro with a layover in Manila. We are able to send a large box for about $150 of our smaller items but must liquidate all our furniture (such as couch, fridge, table, shelves, chairs, beds, drawers, etc.) and repurchase the best we can once we arrive. We are receiving help from a Korean pastor to sell them and we're hoping that the selling-repurchasing doesn't cost us more than $3,000. We will also have to sell our family car and get a used one as soon as we get there with a cost difference, hopefully, no more than $2,000. Before we can look for a place to rent, we needed to book a temporary place to stay. We found that the best and cheapest place was at an Airbnb for $20 a night for one month. This will help give us time to find a home to rent for a year before we purchase a home there. We're projecting the overall cost to be close to a very low $7,000 mark.

Setup Cost

Plane tickets: $1,400

Sell and repurchase furnishings: $3,000

Car: $2,000

Airbnb: $600 (1 month)

Total Setup Cost: 7,000

If you feel you would like to donate to our start up costs of any amount, please click the link below. We really appreciate every gift amount that we receive.



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